10 Impulse Reactions Following WWE WrestleMania 33

A matter of Life and Death.

So that was the 'Ultimate Thrill Ride'. Or was it?

'Ultimate' is a broad term, but admittedly WrestleMania was a pay-per-view stretched beyond all extremes.

Comparisons are almost certain to be drawn with last year's show. Going another seven hours or so (if you include the pre-show), WWE again threw down the shackles of time management, but thankfully did far less harm with their over-indulgence this time.

However, unlike the coming out party for the 'Women's Revolution' in 2016, this was not a night for the female stars to shine. Raw's wonky booking killed the chances of Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Nia Jax assembling a classic before they even hit the ring.

Similarly, the Smackdown women were forced into the old Divas division cool down spot. Required to hit a flurry of big moves in a run-up to a single pinfall, the booking at least gave the crowd a hometown winner and impressive laser light show in the form of a Naomi victory, but as wrestlers, they deserved better.

Also deserving better were Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe. Key players in recent months, Braun was hastily dumped from the Andre The Giant Battle Royal and Joe never even appeared on screen to aid either of his new television comrades Kevin Owens or Triple H.

However, these were some of the lesser evils on a show filled with the typically steep peaks and valleys of a modern-day supercard.


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