10 Incredible Stories Behind Famous Wrestling Themes

Hulk Hogan nearly wasn't a 'Real American'.

Bray Wyatt

One of the most curious nuances in the world of professional wrestling certainly has to be how much attention and detail goes into creating music for each performer. For years, Jim Johnston was credited as being the go-to guy for crafting excellent wrestling entrance themes for WWE - piecing together thousands of different tracks, spending hours perfecting each one to fit nicely along with the character of each wrestler.

Throughout the 1990's and early-2000's, CD compilations featuring various WWF/WWE entrance themes sold like hot cakes, and the company continues to sell items by the truckload via download platforms such as iTunes. It's interesting just how massive a part of the overall appeal music has become to wrestling, and it's difficult to imagine the industry without it.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of truly memorable songs and scores which accompany wrestlers down the aisle, but what about some of the hidden stories behind the music?

On occasion, the backstory to these tracks might not be what wrestling fans expect, but they make for very interesting reading. This list pulls together some of the more intriguing facts surrounding these entrance themes, painting a pretty vivid picture and possibly changing how you'll perceive them.

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