10 Incredible Stories Of Wrestlers' Dedication To Their Character

9. Bray Wyatt Goes To Court


His character descended towards self-parody a long time ago, but Bray Wyatt felt like the freshest thing in wrestling when he debuted. His Cape Fear-esque cult leader act was unlike anything modern fans had ever seen before (though long-term followers noted the Waylon Mercy similarities), and the Wyatt Family’s creepy fear campaign looked set to make the ringleader one of his era’s biggest stars.

Much of the character’s early success was down to the work Bray put into the role. Going from Husky Harris to 'The Eater Of Worlds' was a huge shift, and Wyatt used some unorthodox methods to get used to the role. As was recently revealed in Jon Robinson’s NXT: The Future Is Now book, the former WWE Champion once attended jury duty in full Bray Wyatt regalia - Hawaiian shirt, straw hat, and all.

Dusty Rhodes reportedly suggested the act as a way for Wyatt to immerse himself in the persona, with Bray stating that he was so locked into his role, he didn’t break character once, despite the stuffy courtroom environment. It’s a ridiculous mental image, and a sight that likely baffled his fellow jurors, though there’s no word on whether or not rocking chairs, lighting cuts, and fireflies made an appearance.

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