10 Incredibly Odd Commercials Starring WWE Stars

Given half a chance, wrestlers will sell anything.

Selling any product is a rough gig. For all the companies and products that are developed in the world, there has to be a strategy, lead by marketing analysis and research assistants, to convince the consumer to part with their hard earned cash. It's an incredibly complex process, at times mind-numbingly so process that uses equations, monkeys, twitter feeds, netscape, and apparently, professional wrestlers? Over the years, a wide array of professional wrestling talent has been used to sell products and ideas to the slurpee-guzzling-video-game-playing-scratch-ticket-scratching-processed-meat-eating, buncha internet geek schlubs that the common man takes us for. This, of course, is entirely off base, slurpees are horrible. But again, the art of the sale is an incredibly tricky one to master, and personality goes a long way , which is clearly why the larger-than-life personalities of professional wrestling comes into play. This is where the catch phrases and colourful outfits combine with equally bizarre scenarios in the hopes of squeezing your bucks out of you, because apparently, there's nothing that marketeers haven't thought would do better with a wrestler as the spokesman. These are the 10 Incredibly Odd Commercials Starring WWE Stars...

Nick Boisseau is a feature writer and poet, currently existing on the fringe of academia. He holds a B.S. in History and is a graduate of the September 2006 class of Storm Wrestling Academy. @DBBNick