10 Insane Wrestling Gimmicks (Probably) Coming Soon To WWE NXT 2.0

Vince wants to be "down with the kids". Well, they'd better be ready for some crazy!

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NXT needs a whole host of colourful characters to make the show as exciting and noticeable as its new logo. At least, that's probably what's going through the mind of Vince McMahon and the other writers on the developmental brand.

Wrestling is very silly. As much as we all love it, it's impossible to deny that the industry is a strange beast, not only because of the "fake" fighting. It's a form of entertainment that goes above and beyond to create over-the-top characters and moments, meaning you need to suspend your disbelief almost every second, and WWE is the homeplace of this.

It's no secret that the land of the McMahon's places more value on the entertainment side of the sport than the athletic competition, which is why they've got such a history of goofy gimmicks and cartoon-like characters. Right now, NXT 2.0 is very much a breeding ground for such gimmicks.

Italian-American gangsters (Tony D'Angelo), teachers (Andre Chase), poker players (Duke Hudson) and plenty more have decided to shed their real jobs and hop into the wrestling ring. As Vince McMahon leads NXT into a world of edgier content to attract younger viewers, you better believe that upcoming gimmicks are going to get weird.

Who knows, maybe we'll be seeing the likes of these insane ideas...

10. Disgruntled 9-5 Office Worker

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Well, of course, they're going to be disgruntled: they have to put in their hours at the office during the day and wrestle in the evening. Imagine how tiring that would be.

WWE has quite the track record for introducing gimmicks based around the workplace. Still, it's normally flashy stuff like sports stars, blue-collar labourers or very intense religious figures. Still, they've dipped their toes into more mundane jobs before with the infamous IRS, and it wouldn't be surprising if they tried again.

The day-to-day grind of the modern office worker is known for being boring, soul-destroying and terrible for your back posture, so it's easy to believe that someone living such a life would moonlight as a professional wrestler. It would be an excellent opportunity to get your exercise in whilst taking out some of the frustration you've built up for your boss, who keeps riding your back.

It's easy to imagine something like Office Space but in the form of wrestling. This character would likely come to the ring looking tired, dishevelled and with dull entrance music, only to burst in a ball of fury once the bell rang.

Would it be good? No. Could it happen? Absolutely.


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