10 Insane Wrestling Moves Created By Women

10. The Jackhammer

Also known as: Vertical Suplex Powerslam

Created by: Jaguar Yokota

One of the things that made Bill Goldberg such a popular draw in WCW was his relatively limited yet powerful move-set. His spear was absolutely devastating, and when that didn't keep his poor opponents down, he would demonstrate his awesome strength with one of the most visually-stunning moves in wrestling: the Jackhammer Suplex Powerslam.

This insane maneuver, which at times saw Goldberg hold some opponents in a vertical position with one hand, was the perfect display of domination and made Goldberg look like a real juggernaut. That's what made him so much fun to's a tad surprising that this outstanding and popular move was invented by a woman.

Jaguar Yokota wrestled for All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling during the late 1970s and 1980s. During that time, she was instrumental in a transformation in women's wrestling that really allowed female athletes to take Japanese wrestling by storm.

One of the moves that she used during that period was the precursor to the move used by Goldberg in WCW and WWE. Though it wasn't as impressive or 'power-oriented' as Goldberg's maneuver, the same motions and transitions were there. Yokota managed to capture numerous championships, both singles and tag team, with maneuvers such as this one.

And people say that women's finishers are boring...

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