10 Insanely High and Death-Defying Falls In Wrestling

Some leaps of faith are higher than others. And some send you off the top of Hell in a Cell.

There's nothing quite like an insane leap off of something tall to capture the attention of wrestling fans.

Just a few weeks ago, IWA Battle in Memphis hosted an attempted elbow drop that went horrendously wrong. The perpetrator of the move had scaled the building's internal supports and dropped thirty feet to the concrete instead of putting his opponent through the table. Kairi Sane, this fellow is not.

Nonetheless, his botch became a gif, and for a time, it was the talk of the wrestling world. Miraculously, the guy was fine, and he's gone on to enjoy minor internet stardom.

That being said, we're still talking about it. TLC matches and Money in the Bank matches are built and marketed on the idea of people soaring off of high things and crashing through other things. Human projectiles big and small have been raining from the heavens for decades now in wrestling. Some of them get forgotten in the shuffle, while others become iconic.

SmackDown has a brand-exclusive pay-per-view soon. Oh yes, Hell in a Cell is coming. And Shane McMahon has a match at the event.

So, in honor of the ridiculous bump that Shane will no doubt be taking, we're cataloguing ten of the most eye-popping, furniture-destroying, life-endangering, career-shortening spots from wrestling history.


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