10 John Cena Matches That Won The Internet

Cena changed perceptions.


The hatred from the Internet Wrestling Community towards Roman Reigns in 2016 is nothing compared to what John Cena endured in 2006.

Ten years ago, Cena was further behind than The Big Dog is right now. His ring work was severely lacking, and his promos were over scripted. The resentment was fierce, especially when the likes of Kurt Angle were having great matches and cutting electric promos each and every week.

Yet despite all the animosity from the IWC towards John Cena in those early days of his franchise run, a decade later there's a great degree of respect for him.

The booing and cat calls are now just panto, with very little genuine hatred directed towards the fifteen time WWE Champion. Despite fans predicting he'd never get over, despite the sniggers about how he'd flop on top, he ended up becoming one of the definitive all time WWE legends.

A big factor in thatwas the legacy of great matches he started putting together. And that's where there's hope for Roman Reigns in the franchise role. If2006 Cena can turn it all around, there's no reason why 2016 Reigns can't go on to flourish as the man.

The following are the matches that won the IWC over to Cena's quality.

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