10 Last-Minute WWE WrestleMania 39 Pitches For Steve Austin

Just what do WWE do with 'Stone Cold' on the biggest show(s) of 2023?!

Steve Austin Sami Zayn WWE WrestleMania 39

Steve Austin said no to money-spinning WrestleMania 39 bouts vs. Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns in Hollywood. Both matches would've drawn significant interest from both hardcore and casual fans alike, but ol' 'Stone Cold' wasn't having any of it and could (in theory) sit this year's supershow(s) out.

There's still time to change that.

Yes, it'd be totally last-minute, but WWE might reason than having some Austin in SoFi Stadium is better than no Austin at all. Would anything he's booked in from this point on top 'Mania 38's banter-filled brawl opposite Kevin Owens? No, probably not. However, crowds in Cali would still be thrilled to see the legend show face.

Top stars like Roman, Brock, John Cena, Seth Rollins and more are off the table due to commitments elsewhere across both nights in April. So, where does that leave Steve? Time to play guest booker and try to whip something up for one of the biggest names in WWE history.

You might be pleasantly surprised by some of the options still available to creative - all they'd need to do is announce something like this on Raw or SmackDown...

10. He Gatecrashes The Miz’s Host Spot

Steve Austin Sami Zayn WWE WrestleMania 39

'Austin 3:16 says I'm the real host of WrestleMania 39'.

The Miz has been announced ahead of time as the master of ceremonies for WWE's bumper weekender next month. That probably means an episode of Miz TV on one of the nights, and then a few other comedy skits littered over the other. Sounds a bit dull, doesn't it?

WWE's guest host gig is definitely dry, but 'Stone Cold' kicking off the weekend by welcoming fans sounds a hell of a lot better than Miz. Sorry to all the Mizanin-lovers out there - Miz is a slick talker, and a big star in his own right, but he's no Steve Austin.

It wouldn't take much for the company to keep this quiet, then have that iconic glass shatter just as The Miz is about to call 'Mania 39 the most must-see in history. One kick to the gut and a Stunner later, and Austin would be in charge.

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