10 Lessons You Can Learn From Vince McMahon To Become A Billionaire

How to make yourself rich the Vinnie Mac way...

Vince Mcmahon Muscle Fitness On October 19, 1999, World Wrestling Entertainment became a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. Their initial public offering sold enough shares to ultimately make Mr. McMahon, at that point, the chairman of a billion-dollar company. However, as WWE's stock price plummeted, so did his billionaire status. But, with recent launches of the WWE Network, as well as capital investments in online promotion, mobile apps and talent development yielding dividends, Forbes Magazine - for the first time ever - recently listed Vince McMahon as being worth $1.2 billion. In examining the moves that took McMahon to taking his company to billion dollar status, and now himself into the billionaire's club, there are valuable lessons that any 21st century entrepreneur can use in order to match Mr. McMahon's ultra-rich status. We've listed them for you...

10. Embrace Globalism

Evolving from Nikolai Volkoff and Outback Jack to Aldo Montoya and Savio Vega to Rene Dupree and Nathan Jones to Sheamus and Wade Barrett, World Wrestling Entertainment has had a rich and varied history with executing its overseas marketing with in-ring talents. However, insofar as outside of the ring work, WWE has set a truly progressive standard. At times wherein domestic (read as United States-based) touring profits are down, WWE has always turned to a more vigorous overseas touring schedule, hitting markets as varied as Japan, Dubai, South Africa and Brazil with their live events. Furthermore, WWE now broadcasts in 150+ countries, and in referring to their fanbase as the "WWE Universe" has done better than brands in other realms in marketing their globalized initiative.

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