10 Likeliest Mystery Partners At WWE Night Of Champions 2015

Who will help Ambrose and Reigns take on the Wyatt Family?

The big news going into Night Of Champions is the fact that Seth Rollins will be forced to defend both his titles in separate matches, but there's also a far more traditional subplot to the event - the good old mystery partner angle. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have been charmingly coy about the identity of their third man, hinting that it could be anybody from The Great Khali to Savio Vega (spoiler: it's neither of these). The options are pleasingly varied, meaning that we could be in for a legitimate surprise on Sunday night. All manner of upcoming NXT superstars, returning legends, and members of the current roster have been touted as the babyfaces' partner - ranging from the incredibly popular (The Rock) to the...not so popular (Eric Rowan). Here are the ten likeliest candidates to walk down the aisle at Night Of Champions.

10. Cesaro

Cesaro is a conspicuous absence from the Night Of Champions card, having suffered a clear decline since losing to Kevin Owens at SummerSlam. Despite building considerable popularity with the fans due to his exciting in-ring style, the Swiss Superstar has found himself at something of a loose end in recent weeks. It's a slightly optimistic theory, but Cesaro's unremarkable month could simply be a lull before his next big angle - a feud against the Wyatt Family alongside two more established babyfaces. Such a storyline could potentially help Cesaro regain his momentum, and would certainly add to the quality of their Night Of Champions encounter.
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