10 Likeliest Mystery Partners At WWE Night Of Champions 2015

6. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan's medical status has been highly scrutinised; as far as everyone knows, he's been medically cleared to wrestle again, but is still waiting for the specific permission of WWE doctors. He may well be done for good, given the seriousness of concussion-related injuries and the increasing frequency with which he seems to pick up such knocks. With that being said, should Bryan walk out at Night Of Champions alongside Reigns and Ambrose, it would probably be the best possible outcome for the WWE. Despite his long absences, Bryan remains an incredibly popular figure, and even has considerable history with the Wyatt Family. Nobody is expecting Daniel to put himself in harm's way for the sake of one match, but even if he's given a limited role in the bout, his return would make sense and blow the roof off.
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