10 Longest Matches In WWE History

Not including Royal Rumble or Ironman, these are WWE's longest matches.

The average length of time for a WWE match is just a matter of minutes. Vince McMahon is a formulaic thinker and the assigning of times to performers is really quite predictable at this point. Televised undercard matches get as little as three minutes, with main event matches getting around ten to fifteen. On specials, that extends to about seven minutes for undercard bouts and twenty five minutes for main events. House shows are roughly the same. It is very rare that anything comes close to the forty minute plus mark, with the exception of Ironman matches and Royal Rumble matches. But for the sake of this feature, Rumble matches and Ironman matches won't qualify. Instead, this feature will focus on the rare times that normal WWE matches went to an extraordinary length of time. Those special instances when the WWE trusted the wrestlers to put on an epic. It is a true mark of any great pro wrestler, being confident and skilled enough to go an incredible distance of time. Just to qualify for this list, a wrestler needs to have wrestled for over three quarters of an hour. There's been some modern day battles and also some golden era classics. All involved are WWE legends.
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