10 MAJOR WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Return Spoilers

Hall of Fames, ex-champs and a certain son...

Royal Rumble 2020 surprise

WWE's traditional 60-person merry-go-round of mystery, the Royal Rumble, is now just hours away, and with the company yet to confirm every name for either the women's or men's editions, tantalising tittle-tattle is flooding the internet regarding surprise superstars who just might take those last available spots.

With 26 participants confirmed, there's considerably less room for springing a major shock in the men's version. It's imperative WWE don't waste those final few berths, then, and according to the rumours, they won't. Well, with one possible exception.

The women's outing is a much more open field at present - even Sasha Banks, one of the match's favourites, has not yet been formally entered. She'll definitely be in it, and - if word on cyberstreet is to be believed - so too will a slew of stars from the past, one or two who we may have just seen in this position before.

Obviously, if you're planning to play a game of buzzer bingo with your mates tonight on the subject of unexpected entrants, withdraw now; there are massive **SPOILERS** ahead. For those who can't resist - or don't mind cheating - step forth...

10. MVP

Royal Rumble 2020 surprise

One enterprising venue voyeur trained his long lens on Houston's Minute Maid Park on Saturday afternoon, spotting a familiar logo on the set through the scaffold. Yup: it's the Franchise Playa' himself, MVP - who hasn't wrestled for WWE since 2010. [c/o Reddit]

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