10 Major WWE Superstars Who Hated AJ Lee

A black widow spider must prey on others to survive.

It€™s only been a few months since AJ Lee announced her retirement, and we miss her already. Her awesome promos. Her manic skipping to the ring. Her cuteness and sexiness, which was based on her attitude and personality rather than how little clothing she had on. But most of all, her aggressive, natural athleticism, which was refined on NXT, and just became more impressive over time. In short, AJ raised the bar on what it means to be a Diva. But when AJ retired, she didn€™t leave a good taste in everyone€™s mouth. AJ Lee played the loose cannon on Raw and Smackdown!, but there was a bit of truth to that characterization. Yes, she made a lot of fans, but she also made a lot of enemies on the roster itself. It was bound to happen; whenever someone reaches the top of his or her profession, there€™s going to be competition, infighting, and a ton of adversaries gunning for the top spot. Plus, she€™s married to CM Punk, of all people €” that guy hasn€™t been on anyone€™s good side for quite some time. Here are 10 Major WWE Superstars Who Hated AJ Lee. Because a black widow spider leaves a lot of victims in her wake.
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