10 Mansions Where Wrestling's Biggest Superstars Live

Buying The Miz's mansion would set you back a cool $3.65 million. Awesome.

Kane House

WWE stars work hard for their money. It may seem like a fantasy lifestyle to travel around the world entertaining millions as a pro wrestler, but the amount of time these men and women spend in hotel rooms or in airport departure lounges is daunting.

Nobody can blame them then for having drop dead gorgeous homes to go back to when they're not on the road. These palatial properties became possible because of Vince McMahon's initial hard work; WWE's millionaire names have benefited from one man's vision. Pretty extraordinary, when you think about it.

You know what else is special? The image at the top there of a spacious kitchen is from Kane's home. That's right. When he's not wearing a mask or pretending to be a chargrilled monster, the "Big Red Machine" likes to cook up a storm in his flowery kitchen...

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