10 Matches To WWE Network And Chill

Invite someone over to watch these matches and something might just happen...

The WWE Network has opened almost endless possibilities for pro wrestling fans around the globe, but what if it has also opened a new path of romance? That may seem like an utterly preposterous statement, but it's far from uncommon to hear the phrase, 'Netflix and chill' in the modern world. For wrestling enthusiasts, the Network may just provide another option. Legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette once said that he found it pointless that the then-WWF tried to marry sex with wrestling during the much-heralded 'Attitude' Era. In Cornette's mind, this was a fruitless exercise, because people tuning in to the promotion's programming didn't want sex, they wanted wrestling. Still, Vince McMahon continued to push the envelope for years, before eventually reverting back to a more family-friendly product in 2008. Like it or not, sex sells. There are still people who enjoy watching the WWE Divas perform due to sexual attraction, even if the actual wrestling has (perhaps thankfully) become more of a focus nowadays. Similarly, there are female wrestling fans who enjoy watching men they find attractive inside the ring, too. This list of matches includes some of the most 'sexy' matches in WWE history, and all are available on the WWE Network. So, invite someone round and you never know, you just might get lucky.

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