10 Matches WWE Could HONESTLY Call ‘The Greatest Ever’

The Truth Is No Words


Experienced veteran Al Snow once posited that "a good match is the one that drew the most money", but faced the reality of his words when forced to consider if that rendered his entire back catalogue moot.

On his day, Snow was capable of outworking many of his peers though only a minute portion of those in attendance would have confessed to buying a ticket for the primary reason of catching glimpse of The New Rockers or the fella with the mannequin head. Ironically, his fleeting moment as an inarguable top draw in ECW came at the expense of his in-ring skill - the styrofoam skulls brought the main event ambience his chain wrestling never could.

Al's logic stands up of course, but it isn't quite the be all end all he claims. There's a subjective middle ground between selling out stadiums and stealing shows, even if the idyllic situation contains lashings of both. WWE, by the nature of their presentation style, want to facilitate every contest as a contender. Outside of the darkest corners of the mid-1990s, arenas have always been dressed to impress and "packed to the rafters", aiding the aesthetic and providing the brightest possible spotlight for some of the industry's elite.

But they're subsequently guilty of rampant hyperbole, keen to posit moribund matches as a 'moments' before they even happen or blatantly lie about the supposed skills of a protected project. The truth of true greatness trumps any company-spun embellishment.


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