10 Misconceptions WWE Has About Their Fanbase

9. Merchandise Sales Are A True Indicator Of A Talent's Popularity

WWE would love to have you believe that merchandise sales is a fair factor in determining superstars deserving of more opportunities. Unfortunately, the entire merch game is a fixed deck. The data behind WWE merch sales is a skewed metric since company officials decide whose likeness gets put on what merchandise and, more importantly, how much of each character's stuff is readily available for purchase.

In other words, it's not a level playing field.

For example, concession stands at WWE live events are often full of Roman Reigns or John Cena merchandise but limited on other superstars'. Imagine it this way. Maybe one kid's first choice for a souvenir is a Dolph Ziggler t-shirt but they're sold out; his second choice, a pair of Zack Ryder sunglasses that were never even stocked. Eventually, the kid settles for a Roman Reigns glove because, ta da, there's plenty of those available!

This isn't to say any one superstar's numbers would be plummet if all things were even, but is simply meant to illustrate that, at the end of the day, WWE's flagship performers are determined by top executives.

They can just manipulate the data to support their narrative.

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