10 Modern Wrestling Tropes We're Totally Sick Of

Robotic commentary, overused dives, and everything in between.


It's easy to start feeling like you've seen everything in professional wrestling, particularly in this modern era.

Every major promotion in the world is available within a few clicks. The WWE Network is an impossibly vast treasure trove, AEW is on FITE for those who can't catch it on live TV, NJPW World unlocks Japan's biggest promotion, sites like give smaller stages a big platform. Even YouTube is stuffed to the gills with free, legal content. Spend any time dipping into these deep, deep services and you'll likely see every recurring theme, motif, or device a thousand times over.

Here, we break the most tedious of these overused tropes down. These are the bits and pieces that leave us sighing, rolling our eyes, and losing our suspension of disbelief. They aren't all inherently bad (though some definitely are), but each has been made trite and ineffective thanks to frequent spamming.

Some of the tropes within would be fine if used in moderation and yes, there are only so many ways to tell a wrestling story, so some repetition is to be expected. Still, the extent with which they're currently leaned on breeds tedium...

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