10 Moments Which Should Have Changed WWE’s Plans (But Didn’t)

When the world comes to a screeching halt, WWE just keep on truckin'.

Unlike most episodic programmes, WWE's plans for their weekly television output can often be changed on the fly depending on how a live audience feels about who they're seeing that night or other circumstances out of their control.

Stars who looked like they were about to be pushed to the moon have had the rug pulled from under them off the back of a few apathetic crowd responses and shows have been completely rejigged due to freak blizzards.

However, even though WWE have the power to completely alter their show at the very last minute, time and time again the company have opted to stick to their guns when all signs clearly pointed to a much needed change of direction.

Riding out a storm can be admirable on occasion. But, boldly ignoring what your paying customers are clearly clamouring for or simply acting like the typical rules don't apply to you has led to many a missed opportunity and some fans losing all respect for a company they once adored.

Learning from past mistakes is a vital part of a person/organisation's growth. So, here's hoping Vinny Mac's company don't get things this wrong again going forward.

Who're we kidding?

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