10 Moments WWE Don't Want You To Find On The Network

10. Paul Orndorff Goes Down The Racist Route


Where to find it: Tuesday Night Titans, November 27th 1984

There's a fair bit of institutional sexism and racism in this list, and yes bigotry from 2003 and 1999 is worse than 1984 in how it fails to acknowledge constantly shifting societal attitudes, but that doesn't make the older footage any less worthy of scorn and consternation.

An ugly aside from Paul Orndorff in this pre-WrestleMania 1 edition of Tuesday Night Titans finds 'Mr Wonderful' charged with having to discuss Tony Atlas after 'Mr USA' featured in the first part of the broadcast sharing his artwork as well as his remarkable physique.

Orndorff has an angle for his return fire the second he sits down, and wastes no time getting to it. In a grim rant, he calls Atlas a "souped up spider monkey" before discussing a gorilla called Willy B at Atlanta zoo that apparently has a more refined skillset than Atlas himself.

There's been much debate about what to do with dated old offensive footage that includes dated old offensive insights such as these on otherwise-beloved comedies and movies. Does anybody give enough of a toss about this nothing Tuesday Night Titans to keep it around and active?

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