10 More Times Wrestlers Broke Kayfabe

“Good God Almighty, good God Almighty. That killed... kayfabe"

John Cena Nikki Bella WrestleMania 33

Kayfabe is dead. For a fanbase who were never supposed to see the inner workings of the business, we now know everything we could ever possibly want and then some. The magic has gone. The ethos that acted as the foundation of professional wrestling is long in the past.

In the digital age where all kinds of media exposing professional wrestling is available at one click of a mouse button, companies the world over try to keep the facade alive. Even though kayfabe as a concept is dead, we wouldn't be able to enjoy episodic wrestling like we still do to this day without it.

Certain performers from years gone by were credited with 'living the gimmick;' taking their character from the ring to every facet of their lives. Today, if every single star we see on television doesn't do that, they're exposed. You've got to feel sorry for them as we live in a world where privacy is at a premium. Every fan has a camera phone these days and every fan is looking for a selfie. However, while today's stars could be forgiven for not portraying their character in an airport at 5am, examples of kayfabe shattering moments still occur in arenas around the world when they perhaps shouldn't.

This is so frequent that we covered this previously in the video below; here's the sequel - 10 more recent occurrences where WWE Superstars took Kayfabe and rubbed it in tradition's face.

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