10 MORE Times Wrestling Fans Jumped The Barricade Into The Ring

It’s still a bad idea. And people simply don’t learn.

WWE Smackdown Fan Invasion UK 2015

Alright wrestling fans, listen up; it is not, repeat, NOT a good idea to jump the barricade and get into the ring mid-match. Why? Because it’s never, ever, going to end well. If you do it at a WWE show, at the very least, you’ll get tossed out of the arena with no refund; security is tight, and you might not even make it to the ring.

And if you do it at an indie show, or in some tiny promotion with an outlaw locker room, God help you. You’re liable to get the holy hell kicked out of you. Because wrestlers are taught, very early on, that if they see someone jump the barricade, they should neutralize them as quickly as possible, by any means necessary.

It’s a holdover from the old days, when wrestling wasn’t so corporate and structured. Wrestlers didn’t know if the fans were carrying a knife or a shank on them, and so they had no problem punching someone who decided he was above the rules; it paid to be careful. 

Retribution also had to be swiftly meted out, otherwise the fans would become conditioned to seeing run-ins, and they would start viewing interference as an acceptable way to voice displeasure. And that becomes unsafe for everyone.

We’ve done this article once before, and now, we’re doing it again. Here’s 10 MORE Times Wrestling Fans Jumped The Barricade Into The Ring. Because it’s still a bad idea, and people simply don’t learn.

10. Cena Gets Attacked By A Smitten Female Fan


Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Event: Monday Night Raw

Date: 2010

You can hear it at every single Raw, in front of every single crowd: whenever John Cena takes off his shirt, the women in the audience go nuts. One female fan, however, decided that watching wasn't enough and that she wanted to get an up close and personal meeting with the Doctor of Thuganomics.

She gets a hug in, and Cena briefly consoles her before she's dragged off by security. She doesn't make that easy though as she locks her legs around the bottom rope in a scissor hold, and it takes several officials to unhook her and finally drag her away.

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