10 More Wrestling Matches Even More Impressive When You Know The Truth

Broken Cleaners and last-minute Lass-kickers make these wrestling matches even more impressive.

Kenny Omega

At the best of times, working a professional wrestling contest isn't what you'd blissfully class as being a walk in the park. Just about anything has the potential to go dramatically wrong on the turn of a dime, and even the most freakishly talented in-ring performers find themselves at the mercy of fate on occasion.

But for the most part, the world class workers that ply their trade within this industry have a habit of glossing over the real-life drama, unforeseen mishaps, and ever-changing booking decisions of a barmy boss, producing displays that would fool many a fan into believing that just about everything was fine and dandy on the night.

However, your humble writer is here to inform you that if you were impressed by each of the following all-out wars, memorable main events, or jaw-dropping comeback contests before, the real truth behind each of the throw-downs will take your appreciation of them to a whole new level.

From alarmingly inexperienced rookies smashing it within a year, to powering through soul-crushing illness to deliver the goods, each of these matches become that bit more jaw-dropping once you know the bona fide truth.

10. The Undertaker Sends Mankind To Hell With A Broken Foot - King Of The Ring, 1998

Kenny Omega

Let's face it, when the words "Mankind", "Undertaker", and "Hell in a Cell" are thrown into any wrestling conversation, most fans' minds will jump to the immortal sight of Mick Foley being launched from on top of and straight through the formidable structure.

And it's not hard to see why these sickening visuals have become the match's calling card.

However, one little detail that often finds itself being overlooked when recounting the absolutely savage war between these icons of the game is that Mick wasn't the only star who walked out of the match particularly broken. In 'Taker's case, though, he actually walked into the contest nursing a nasty injury.

Feeling the pain of a broken foot in the lead-up to the contest, 'Taker managed to mask the undoubted anguish that must've been biting away at him all the way through the hellacious battle. Dropping his guard only for a moment, hobbling slightly after dropping down into the ring post-Mankind bump through the cell, he may not have gone all the way to hell like Foley did, but 'Taker still proved he was a tough son of a gun, all the same.

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