10 Most Badass Looking Wrestlers In The World Today

The coolest looking wrestlers in the business right now, these men and women define the word badass.

Pentagon Jr

An industry built on the intricacies of physical movement, muscular perfection and storytelling through action, wrestling is always going to be defined by aesthetics. The look of a wrestler often determines their future success, with a generic performer often being far less successful than someone more aesthetically invigorating.

There are plenty of cool wrestlers in the world, but what about the workers and presences that look immediately badass? These are the people that from the first second they appear on the entrance ramp, you just know that they’re important and could kick the ass of just about anyone in their ways.

There are varying ways to look badass as this list will prove, but the commonality between all these men and women is a distinctive edge and overwhelming confidence. All of these people project as stars, and have the capability to wow fans of all ages with their intensity, phenomenal entrances and ring gear and most importantly, that immediate look of destruction that can forge a star.

A few honourable mentions before getting into the list properly, Thunder Rosa’s face paint is insanely cool and makes her look unstoppable, Drew McIntyre’s chiselled physique makes him look like a Greek god and Brodie Lee currently has an otherworldly aura of chaos around him. All of these and so many others are badass looking, but these are the ones who stand above the rest...

10. Penta El Zero M

Pentagon Jr
Impact Wrestling

Otherwise known as Pentagon Jr and the other half of the Lucha Bros alongside his brother Rey Fenix, Penta El Zero M is one of the most distinctive looking wrestlers in the world right now. While there are many luchadors who adopt a gothic and skeleton inspired aesthetic, such as L.A Park, Penta is arguably the most iconic working in mainstream wrestling right now.

His masks and ring gear are always beautifully designed, elegant and terrifying in equal measure, making every single entrance of his a spectacle to behold. His larger size compared to his brother Fenix immediately positions Penta as the dominant brute of the pairing, something that his aesthetic and posture convey from the first second you see him.

He looks cool immediately, with his immaculate yet alienating face paint underneath the mask amplifying his presence significantly. Penta's evocative use of broad whites with black markings across the visible portions of his face makes him stand out as soon as you lay eyes on him

He looks like a genuine threat, someone that would inspire terror for his opponents and his devastating work inside the ring only amplifies his badass aura.


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