10 Most Beautiful Belts In Wrestling History

10. NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Leather Rebels

The NWA's four kilos of gold might not seem particularly beautiful on first sight. It's all asymmetrical and incongruous, with a random array of flags plonked here and there, a completely superfluous 'WRESTLING' caption for anyone not paying attention, and a pair of jewels which look more like rivets. Rather, it's the 'domed globe's legacy which informs the luxuriousness of a title as historic as it is heavy.

The world's oldest wrestling title (though not, admittedly, the belt itself), the NWA World Heavyweight Championship is indelibly linked with the great and good of wrestling history, an ever-present hallmark of the industry for over a century and one whose imagery has became iconic. The aureate 10 pounder is as much a symbol of 'wrestling' to a generation of '70s and early '80s fans as the 'Winged Eagle' is to early-'90s WWE kids. Even Rob Conway's brief reign hasn't scuppered that.

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