10 Most Beautiful Wrestling Attire Choices EXPLAINED

Ever wondered what inspired Cody Rhodes' gorgeous jackets?

Bret Hart Survivor Series

Canadian Destroyers through a table are fun.

An exploding superkick to the face is exciting, sure.

But have you ever experienced your favourite star walk out to the ring in a surprising, brand new, and utterly gorgeous ring attire at a PPV? That's the good stuff, right there.

And if you've ever found yourself wondering aloud why these various talented souls opted to go all-white, become a Phantom, or even simply dust off the old and replace it with gold, then the list entries you've been waiting for are merely a few clicks away.

Now, it's worth noting that not absolutely every beautiful ring attire ever to grace a wrestling product has some deep, profound meaning behind it - sometimes wrestlers just feel like changing things up a little.

But in the case of the following stunning pieces of ring gear, the stories behind why they became a thing in the first place are often just as fascinating as the designs themselves.

So, let's dive into a world of spectacular colour, slick style, and iconic choices, and explain exactly what went into the creation of the following beautiful wrestling outfits.

10. Becky Lynch Channels Kill Bill On Her Biggest Night

Bret Hart Survivor Series

Walking into WrestleMania 35, Becky Lynch was without doubt the biggest badass strutting around in WWE - even at a time when 'The Baddest Woman on the Planet' was holding one of the top straps.

And before marching into MetLife Stadium to make history alongside Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in the first-ever all-women's 'Mania main event, 'The Man' had looked every bit the tough as nails anti-hero in her typical denim shorts and leather jacket ensemble.

However, at 'The Show of Shows' Lynch decided it was time for a change.

Drawing inspiration from Kill Bill's The Bride, the eventual 'Becky Two Belts' would tell Comicbook.com that she opted for a slick and unquestionably cool reverse Bride look that night because she related to Uma Thurman's character.

Like The Bride, who kept a list of all those who had wronged her, Lynch also hadn't forgot about the folks who turned their backs on her, even claiming "I still have a vendetta against you."

And while she didn't go as far as to pull out a Katana in her bid to walk out of WrestleMania with two pieces of gold, she definitely looked just as awesome as Thurman when taking out multiple enemies dressed in black and yellow.


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