10 Most Boring Wrestlers Of 2020

These wrestlers aren't necessarily bad, they're just plain boring!

Jake Hager

2020 was anything but a boring year.

Amidst the global pandemic, both WWE and AEW provided people with countless hours of entertainment. A complete lack of live crowds (until All Elite reintroduced socially-distanced ones) meant that the usual rules governing in-ring promos changed too - suddenly wrestlers had a chance to avoid the dreaded "WHAT?" chants and actually show off their verbal skills.

Something else was hidden in amongst all the panic: It became clear by summer that some workers had a better chance than ever to show the decision makers what they could do. So, it takes a special kind of wrestler to scupper that opportunity and, whether through creative flubs or their own doing, bore the living sh*te out of everyone watching.

Being boring is a sin in pro wrestling. Fans will embrace good and obviously ridicule bad, but boring? That's plain unacceptable, and it should never be tolerated. After all, wrestling is supposed to be entertainment. Apparently, these men and women didn't get the memo.

Their sleep-inducing, yawn-worthy antics were a blight on an otherwise interesting year. Here are the worst offenders...

10. ‘King’ Corbin (WWE)

Jake Hager

Most fans would've expected this man to be higher on the list.

The truth is though, regardless of what social media says, that 'King' Corbin actually does his job rather well. He's supposed to be a pompous, long-winded sort of character who loves the sound of his own voice and goes out of his way to garner boos.

Unfortunately, that could only take him so far. Corbin's 2020 output was dull, uninspired and also unfinished - WWE weirdly scrapped his 'King's Ransom' storyline with Riddle at one point, and they never mentioned it again. Maybe they were bored sh*tless by the whole thing themselves?

Feuds with Riddle, Elias and the Mysterio clan have all been dreadfully tedious for SmackDown's resident royal berk. He's gonna' need something a bit more inspiring (like his early exploits against then-baby Roman Reigns) to make 2021 more fruitful.

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