10 Most Boring Wrestlers Of 2023

Wrestlers in WWE and AEW guilty of putting fans to sleep throughout the year.

Matt Hardy boring

Becoming dull is pro wrestling purgatory.

Nobody wants to be boring. Just ask Lance Storm! His WWE career hit a new low when 'Stone Cold' ripped the p*ss out of everyone's favourite mega-stoic technical wizard many moons ago. Storm surely knew what everyone else watching also knew: Steve Austin outing him as drab was a death knell and a half creatively.

2023 has housed some true snores, and you'll be surprised by the folks responsible. Look, this isn't meant as some mean-spirited hatchet job on folks trying their best, but you've got to call 'em like you see 'em. This year hasn't been kind to the performers featured here, and watching them has often been rather painful.

There's a nice mix of WWE and AEW to keep things interesting too.

Something else is worth saying. These wrestlers aren't necessarily bad overall. In fact, most have produced countless memorable moments over the years, but 2023 was...difficult to watch. Does that mean they'll all go on to repeat the trick in 2024? No, probably not. Well, hopefully not, otherwise their performances might become some new fangled cure for insomnia.

10. Lacey Evans

Matt Hardy boring

Here's a WWE career that properly fizzled out.

Lacey Evans struggled for relevance before being cut loose over the summer. A return to her military gimmick roots flat out didn't work, and creative didn't help matters by flipping Lacey between babyface and heel like they couldn't make their minds up what was best for her.

Being brutally honest, that's because they couldn't. There was a clear disconnect between Evans and the people calling shots in the company, and that bled over onto TV. A weird off-screen mini-feud with Sgt. Slaughter and his daughter (accidental rhyming there) also got fans talking on social media for the wrong reasons.

Throughout all of this, Lacey was just very boring. Her vignettes got old quickly, and people sat on their hands when she did finally show up in person again. One could practically hear crickets during Evans' matches and promos, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before she toddled off to do something else.


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