10 Most Boring WWE Wrestlers Of All Time

It's not just CM Punk that knows how to put people to sleep. If only any of these actually MEANT to.

Drew McIntyre Randy Orton

It might sound like a particularly cruel criticism and subject for an article, but there's a context to being boring in pro wrestling. Not least because plenty of the wrestlers have been told to do/think less by local promoters right up to industry leaders, even when they've been capable of more.

The wrestlers in this list may not be the ones you're expecting. Not all of them anyway. These are not the cartoonish fools, nor the lumbering giants, nor the skinny losers or the uncoordinated goofs. That they could even be classified by any of these terms highlights why they were anything but boring.

There's a great bit in an even greater early episode of The Simpsons where local Mafioso Fat Tony invites one of his esteemed criminal colleagues over to try a drink Bart has mastered making. When Bart doesn't show and one of the goons is forced to make the drink, the exasperated elder asks aloud "what have I done to deserve this flat, flavourless Manhattan?" These are the people that that believe their time to be so important that even one bad drink can kill a night.

Wrestling should view us - its fans and chief consumer, now more than ever - as too good to be served wrestlers than can kill entire emotions.

It didn't when this lot walked the aisle...

10. Jinder Mahal

Drew McIntyre Randy Orton

WWE could have strapped anybody from the midcard in the same bizarrely random manner they did Jinder Mahal in 2017, but the cynical machinations behind his elevation were never once obscured by the actual decent match once in a while.

He's taken some lumps over the years has 'The Modern Day Maharaja' and only really for taking an opportunity nobody in wrestling would have said no to. However, in becoming WWE Champion, he wilfully shone a spotlight on himself. Never once under that glare did his work even attempt to change any minds.

Contests with Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles were virtually identical despite the obvious differences between each opponent. Laboured and seemingly without any attempt at crafting some drama, they existed just to display Mahal as Champion for eight to ten minutes to flog tickets in new markets.

When that plan objectively failed, the subjectively sh*t stuff ground to a halt and they put the belt on AJ Styles for a full year just to erase any memories of the stuff that came before it.

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