10 Most Controversial Wrestling People Of 2018

Angels or demons?


As Eric Bischoff was keen to remind us all at his crushingly dull, utterly anodyne TedX (note the 'X') talk recently, he once wrote a book called 'Controversy Creates Cash' (or more accurately, 'Ca$h'). In fact, the whole takeaway from his glorified after-dinner speaking engagement was that - *gasp!* - the mainstream media adapt wrestling's time-honoured tactic of stirring the pot to get eyeballs on their channels.

Who knew?

Oh, that's right: everybody.

Except we're gradually inching towards a time where controversy doesn't necessarily fill the coffers, but can in actual fact empty then. For example, a ludicrously misguided - or more likely, purposefully incendiary - decision to name, say, a supposedly progressive Battle Royal in commemoration of a problematic person from the past might get lips flapping on the internet - but not to any great effect. As soon as your major sponsor gets wind and expresses their stern disapproval, the game's up. In such a case, controversy creates censure.

Then again, perhaps it doesn't really matter if that controversy is being bank-rolled by a Middle Eastern prince with pockets deeper than an Immanuel Kant lecture at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. It migh not create the cash - but it's so worth it.

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