10 Most Copied Finishing Moves In Wrestling History

10. The Death Valley Driver

You'd think that a move with as impressive a name as ‘Death Valley Driver’ would conjure up images of a really powerful wrestling maneuver. In truth, the Death Valley Driver/Bomb was indeed a dangerous and impressive maneuver…once, long before it became one of the most copied moves in wrestling history.

The DVB, which is in essence a more risky and impressive version of the Attitude Adjustment, has become something of a ‘mid-carder’s move’, in the sense that the only people who use this move are those who have a noticeable glass ceiling above them. 

In WWE and WCW, it has been used by the likes of Rene Dupree (Loire Valley Driver), The Godfather (Pimp Drop), Jinder Mahal (Karachi Valley Driver), Beth Phoenix (Down In Flames), and Perry Saturn. Others who have used this move include Louis Spicolli, Tommy Dreamer, Brain Lee (The Underfaker) and Tye Dillinger.

The point is, this move has become so widespread in its use that it cannot possibly be taken seriously as a finisher anymore. It’s even worse when the move, which at one point got huge reactions from the crowd, has become, in many respects, a ‘novice’ finisher that’s used by some promotions, especially WWE, to see if a wrestler can perform basic moves. 

You know a move’s over-exposed when it’s assigned that position in a promotion.

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