10 Most Dangerous Spots At WWE WrestleMania

What's a WrestleMania without a little breathtaking risk?

It may not entirely excuse the muddled, confusing mess that the Shane McMahon-Undertaker 'storyline' has become, but it's pretty clear that WrestleMania 32's 'everything is on the line' Hell in a Cell match is going to include some wild stunts. It has to, in order to make up for the unimaginative build, right? Besides, Shane's in the match. For him, falling out of a seventh-story window is merely a transition move. It wouldn't be the first time that WrestleMania has seen the action ante'd up with picture-esque carnage. In years past, WWE's grandest spectacle has been the hub for wrestlers to indelibly etch themselves into wrestling lore through reckless self-sacrifice. Once ladder matches virtually became an annual staple of WrestleMania in some form or another, that was the signature on the permission slip that opened up the floodgates of insanity. Paring down the list to merely ten choices was an arduous task, as this millennium's worth of 'Manias include dangerous spots as a given. Nonetheless, the ten ahead are all worthy of the 'holy bleep' chants, and are cringeworthy in their own ways. Honorable mentions: Davey Boy Smith's leaping tombstone on Danny Davis (3), Jeff Hardy's swanton bomb off of a ladder onto Bubba Ray Dudley (16), Shane McMahon's Van-Shane-inator (17), Shawn Michaels' overshooting a quebrada and hitting his ribs on the announcer's desk (24), Batista and Randy Orton's Powerbomb/RKO combo onto Daniel Bryan through the announcer's desk (30)


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