10 Most Death-Defying Jeff Hardy Stunts

Climb the ladder kid! Wait, uh...maybe not so high, though.

Jeff Hardy WrestleMania XXV

Jeff Hardy is one of the ballsiest performers of his generation, and there are very few wrestling fans who would argue against his insanity when it comes to putting his body on the line.

What he doesn't always get as much credit for, however, is the high level of creativity he uses while doing it.

As much as he's been accused of being an overrated spot monkey, the fact remains that Jeff Hardy is in a very small class of superstars who continued to up the ante with increasingly dangerous maneuvers long after he should have transitioned to a "safer" wrestling style.

Sure, you saw him deliver the same types of moves multiple times, but who's going to complain when one of those moves is a death-defying swan dive from 20-plus feet in the air? Besides, the guy's put his body on the line in myriad ways, with some of his most inventive stunts flying under the radar.

Prepare yourself for a whole lot of flips, flops, Swantons, ladders, tables, and balls. 

Great big balls.

10. Fall Off Cage - TNA Lockdown 2015

Jeff Hardy WrestleMania XXV

Let's start with his most recent stunt, one that looked so dangerous and realistic that even sites like TMZ were reporting Jeff Hardy had sustained a legitimate head injury.

In tag match for the TNA World Tag Championships at Lockdown 2015, the Hardys wrestled against The Revolution in a Six Sides of Steel Match, which Matt and Jeff lost.

The fun wasn't over for them, however, as Matt was promptly slammed through a table and Jeff was blasted with a cowbell while straddling the cage door in a relatively precarious position.

Jeff's body appears to go limp as he slides off the door and drops onto the steel steps below. It's not the fall itself that's so bad, but the sound his bones make as they bounce off the steel stairs.

That's the special kind of thud that only occurs when the human body absorbs one hundred percent of the punishment without any way to fully break its fall.

Of course, this supposedly "real" injury sustained was probably just a crafty way to write Hardy out of upcoming storylines due to some legal woes which prevented him from traveling to Europe for TNA's tour abroad.

Still, though, that's some damn fine acting and an excellent sell by Jeff.

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