10 Most Devastating WWE Superstar Injuries Of 2015

When wrestlers end up on the shelf, everyone suffers.

Injuries are a natural part of a pro wrestler€™s life and career. After all, things can€™t always go perfectly in the ring, and it€™s inevitable that getting slammed onto a surface as hard as a ring canvas will eventually lead to something worse than nagging back pain. However, when multiple injuries take place in a short time period, that has a far more crippling effect on a wrestling promotion. Creative directions must be changed immediately, long-term plans must be cancelled, and new and possibly-unprepared wrestlers must bear the weight of carrying the show should it be a main-eventer who gets sidelined. In 2015, eleven high-profile wrestlers were sidelined with injuries, removing them from television for extended periods. Some of these wrestlers were sidelined for a short period, while others remain on the shelf and don€™t know when, or if, they€™ll return to in-ring action. What all these WWE superstars have in common is that their injuries came at terrible times. Some of these wrestlers were experiencing major pushes when they got injured, while others left when the company was in dire need of maintaining their presence on WWE programming. With so many major wrestlers out of action this year, it€™s a good thing that others came in to fill the void. Otherwise, things would€™ve been much worse in the company€

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