10 Most Dramatic WWE Main Events Ever

There were genuine tears when Cactus Jack was 'retired' by Triple H in 2000...

If there's one thing Vince McMahon knows how to do it's create drama. Especially during the 'Attitude' Era, drama ruled in the World Wrestling Federation. In watered down form, that's something that has remained a hallmark of World Wrestling Entertainment. The rules governing what the company can get away with may have changed, but the juggernaut promotion sure love those cliffhanger finishes and occasional swerves. More often than not, that drama is entirely fictional. Most main event matches are intricately designed to squeeze as much tension, excitement and theatrics out of them as is humanly possible. After all, the very purpose of a main event bout is to close the show in the best way possible. Sometimes however, that drama isn't manufactured, it's 100% real. Both pre-determined and authentic go under scrutiny in this article, one which aims to explore 10 of the most dramatic main events in WWE history. Some of these epic collisions made people's jaws hit the floor, and some made grown men and women shed tears of real emotion. On occasion, those tears were ones of unbridled joy. During some bouts, they were streaming down cheeks out of utter sadness and despair over what was happening. Yes, Vince McMahon knows how to create drama, and it's something the millionaire dearly loves to do. These matches prove that fact.


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