10 Most Drastic Differences Between Wrestlers In And Out Of WWE

Sheepherders? That's a funny name. I'd have called them Bushwhackers!


The thing about WWE is that they don't know how to promote talent to the public because they are so removed from them.

This disconnect from reality stretched to the MACS0647-JD galaxy last week, as WWE asked its audience whether Edge Vs. Randy Orton in an empty Performance Center could end up being the "greatest match ever". Hilariously, this was framed as more of a question than a balls-out declaration; that way, WWE can say "Hey, we were only shooting the sh*t, guys, it's your fault for getting your hopes up!"

Vince McMahon hasn't yet lost it entirely, but he has, let's face it, because his version of promoting a talent nowadays is Austin Theory, who we're meant to receive as a prodigy but is in fact a rubbish mute orphan.

The company is capable of course correction - Smilin' Finn Bálor is closer now to his old Bullet Club leader self, even if a page from a Vince Russo script got stuck in the telepod that transported him from the main roster to NXT - but the stark, glum truth of it is that you're probably best off intentionally botching your indy run.

That way, there will be no abject frame of reference...

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