10 Most Horrific Wrestling Injuries

Don’t try this at home.


When your life’s work involves taking flat back bumps on plywood night in and night out, injuries are bound to flare up at some point. Some are minor enough to be worked through, others not so much.

For these 10 wrestlers, injuries weren’t just a hindrance on their craft, they were life altering and in several cases, career ending. Despite enduring the absolute best training and strength and conditioning work, not even the best of the best are safe from one bad landing and its seemingly endless list of consequences.

From broken bones to brain damage to blindness and blood loss, wrestling may be a work but the pain is all too real. As dangerous and more wear and tear prone than any other athletic job out there, wrestling has left a highway of broken bodies for the sake of our entertainment.

A testament to the bravery of the men and women involved and to their skill that these tragedies don’t happen often, wrestling is not an art form for the fearful and the hesitant.

And remember... DON'T try this at home.

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