10 Most Iconic WWE Superstar Trademark Weapons

6. William Regal's Brass Knuckles

A throwback to the pre-Hulkamania days of wrestling in more ways than one, William Regal even brought back the use of a classic foreign object to go with his old-school burgundy tights and catch-as-catch-can style. Destined for greater things in the WWE than he ultimately achieved, Regal's effectiveness as a heel is still fondly looked back upon today. He masterfully enraged fans with his flagrant use of brass knuckles, often looking in surprised wonder at his own bare fist after disposing of the evidence. Most Notable Victim: Many fell to Regal's dastardly tactics during is heel run at the turn of the century, but his most memorable brass knuckle-shot came as a babyface. Ex-WCW tag team champ and member of the invading alliance Shawn Stasiak charged to the ring, found himself instantly KOd by a loaded Regal left, and on the receiving end of an incredibly fast loss.
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