10 Most Incredible Wrestling Moments Of 2019 (So Far)

Between AEW, WWE, and NJPW, it's been one hell of a year.

Becky Lynch WrestleMania 35

Professional wrestling has raced through 2019 at 100 miles per hour, with WWE's increased instability, AEW's emergence, and NJPW's transitional creative year rendering this the sport's most exciting period in ages.

The past six months have been relentless. Major, game-changing stories seem to break on a near-weekly basis, and fans can't afford to divert their attention for a second if they're to stay abreast of every major development. A nightmare for businessmen like Vince McMahon, perhaps, but a joy for anyone tired of the sterility and homogenisation that took over during his promotion's monopoly years.

With the G1 Climax underway, AEW television still to debut, and WWE SmackDown's move to FOX on the horizon, the most exciting thing is that these first two quarters are only the beginning. Things are only going to get nuttier from hereon out.

While WWE and NJPW have had up-and-down years, 2019 has already yielded dozens of moments fans shall cherish for a long, long time. Notable exclusions were therefore inevitable. Remember, too, that most of these entries (and the order in which they are placed) are subjective, so please share your own down in the comments section.

Let's get to it...


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