10 Most Insane Spots From NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III

Adam Cole debuts with a Superkick to the new NXT Champ and Killian Dain squished Nikki Cross!

Itami Black

Adding to a long tradition of amazing TakeOvers, the latest NXT special in Brooklyn was an incredible night that raised the bar high on the eve of SummerSlam. Raw and SmackDown's best will have to bring their A games if they expect to follow Saturday night's action, which there was no shortage of.

Drew McIntyre went home with the promotion's top prize after defeating Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship. To accomplish this, he had to hurl his massive frame over the top rope like a luchador. That was an exciting moment from the main event that worked in getting him the win. Also exciting was his post-match beatdown by a debuting Adam Cole. Brooklyn went nuts for that attack that certainly changes the landscape of NXT.

The Tag Titles also changed hands on this night, thanks in part to Sanity's Nikki Cross. She wasn't a competitor in the match but contributed to a couple of the bigger spots that affected the outcome. Killian Dain should also consider getting her some flowers or something. He totally crushed her when trying to take out an Author of Pain.

10. Round And Round He Goes

Johnny Gargano and Andrade Almas kicked off this show about as great as they could have. They wrestled a fast-paced match that showed how good they both can be, with plenty of cool moves along the way.

One of the better highlights was this helicopter-style setup for a crossface by Johnny Wrestling. It looks like he gets three full rotations before hitting the mat submission-ready.

Due to a t-shirt that reminded Johnny of the wretched evil that is his former tag-team partner, he was distracted long enough to lose this match.


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