10 Most Insane Wrestling Spots Of The Week (March 12)

Watch TK O'Ryan break his shin and also thumbtacks superkicked out of Trent Barreta's mouth.

christopher daniels roh

Bill Goldberg has been on a tear since returning to WWE, winning the Universal Championship while amassing a surprisingly tiny total match time. He's generally presented as an unstoppable superhero but on Monday Night Raw, he was finally made the better of thanks to Paul Hyman, his Beast, and a certain signature move named after a tornado.

While WWE keeps pressing on towards the biggest show of the wrestling year, Ring of Honor just wrapped up a huge event of their own. ROH celebrated their 15th Anniversary by crowning a champ that happens to be a much respected veteran and also by destroying poor Trent Barreta's body. If you can stomach thumbtacks superkicked out of bodily orifices, there's a gif in this article especially for you!

Along with the F5 to Goldberg and the Superkick for Barreta, other top spots this week include a top rope Tiger Bomb by Tiger Mask W, a well calculated 450 fakeout by A.J. Styles, and a Superplex out of the ring by Cody Rhodes. There's even an extra flippy moment by Drew Galloway against Will Ospreay from Exit Wounds because there truly is something for everyone here...

10. Swann's Phoenix Splash

Christopher Daniels 3 BME

Rich Swann tagged with "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher on 205 Live, scoring a win after connecting with this top rope Phoenix Splash against Noam Dar.

Luckily for Dar, his girlfriend Alicia Fox was nearby to comfort him in his loss. A heart shaped box of chocolates was delivered to the Foxy lady, which Dar gladly took credit for.


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