10 Most Metal Theme Songs In WWE Today

9. Paige - Stars In The Night

Certainly the most metal wrestler in the WWE woman’s division, gothic superstar Paige has a theme song which follows suit. Entitled “Stars in the Night,” the track utilizes piercing riffs and distorted vocals to maximum effect.

The wild screams in the mix also give this song an extra demonic dimension, with a pounding drumbeat, infectious singalongs, and some nice electronic flourishes rounding out the bewitching track. There’s a reason why she gets such a huge reaction when she walks through the curtain, and part of that reason is this memorable cut.

There’s no denying that this is an anthemic song, and much of that is down to the metal influence which can be heard on it. Here’s hoping Paige returns soon so we can hear this searing entrance theme ring out once again.

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