10 Most Over Tag Teams In WWE History

Those duos (and trios!) who could garner the loudest crowd reactions.


What's better than one highly entertaining WWE superstar? Two highly entertaining WWE superstars, of course! And what's better than two highly entertaining WWE superstars? Two pairs of highly entertaining WWE superstars battling it out against each other! (See, maths really can be fun!)

The tag team division in WWE has certainly seen its fair share of ups and downs over the years, as the company has had to suffer through some massive lulls in the tandem talent pool before it could be stunningly revitalized by a new breed of wrestling duos. And it's sometimes been difficult for WWE brass to figure out which pairings will generate the desired reaction from the crowd, and which teams will have the kind of chemistry that turns them into long-term fan favorites. (Aside from a few obvious instances where two superstars were practically made to team up, it can be a surprisingly difficult endeavor.)

But when two of them do click, the fans will absolutely eat them up. Because, as previously explained, tag team competition is awesome (and often a welcome break from a tired and repetitive singles division).


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