10 Most Prestigious Wrestling Titles Of All Time

1. WWWF/WWFWWE Heavyweight Title


This, the most prestigious of all, is the sole title to emerge with its bulletproof reputation intact throughout the three banners of the former Titan Sports.

Forget that Vince McMahon held it. Forget that it has frequently been used experimentally to artificially embellish the aura of John Bradshaw Layfield and Sheamus. Forget that it was traded much too frequently at the mercy of TV ratings during the Attitude Era.

The title has drawn the most money of any, being the star-making epicentre of WrestleMania. A raft of megastars who have both sustained and exploded the industry did so in large part as a result of their association with what sadly no longer bears the Golden Eagle design.

Steve Austin grabbed his real star-making moments in 1996 and 1997 with the Austin 3:16 promo and the WrestleMania 13 Submission match, respectively, but it's telling that WWF only started winning the ratings battle when he was crowned, undisputedly, as the WWF Champion.

Match quality, too, has been remarkably consistent - and diverse. Arena-wide brawls, technical classics, story-driven epics, and several dangerous gimmick iterations have all been contested for and made significantly better by the promise of immortality afforded by the prize.

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