10 Most Ridiculous Physiques In Wrestling Today

It's not about your body of work, but the work on your body.

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They say the way you look doesn't matter in wrestling anymore, and that's never been more true than it is in 2019. It's how you work the work, not walk the walk which is all the rage these days, rather than the 'roid induced ones which were once a depressing byproduct of an industry obsessed with aesthetics.

Short, tall, muscular, lean: it doesn't matter. Everyone has a shot at glory so long as they're good enough. Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Seth Rollins: all fit fellas, but none who'd ever have reached the upper echelons of their company in the '80s or '90s, so insufficiently tight was their spandex.

So it's possible, if unadvisable as a top professional athlete, to live your worst life and still come out on top if you've the talent. A few folk haven't quite received that message however, instead making the gym their temple and protein shakes their sacramental wine (in this metaphor, presumably a potato is the devil).

Ridiculous physiques aren't required to succeed in wrestling anymore, but they definitely still make one stand out. These guys stand out more than most. In fact, it might not be possible for them to sit down.

10. Jinder Mahal

Brian Cage ridiculous

Jinder Mahal received an unexpected and entirely inexplicable push in the spring of 2017, as he was remarkably catapulted from pre-show losing duties to being an actual world champion. Though much of his alacritous elevation owed to his Indian heritage - and WWE's desire to exploit a market of over one billion potential punters - another significant factor in helping Mahal go big was the fact he'd, well, gone big.

That is to say, ludicrously and scarily ripped, and in record time, too.

We're nearly two years on from Mahalmania, yet the Modern Day Maharajah has shown no lack of motivation now he's once more propping up the show (if featured at all). After all, that next big main event run could be just around the corner!

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