10 Most Ridiculous Things Wrestling Expected You To Believe

Moments when WWE and other wrestling companies treated you like a moron.

Kane Lita

The need to suspend one's disbelief when watching isn't exclusive to wrestling.

People who watch superhero movies, for example, must leave reality at the cinema doors if they want to enjoy the experience. Otherwise, you'd spend the entire trip scoffing at Batman's backstory, the fact Spider-Man can swing about the city or literally anything The Avengers get up to.

That's what makes wrestling so unique though - fans still want some sort of realism from the product despite it being a ludicrous blend of "real sports" and wacky theatre. Sometimes, WWE and other companies take the p*ss by expecting viewers to swallow things that are even more ridiculous than typical industry fare.

'Wrestler A is now a totally different human being', 'Wrestler B can't see that cameraman in their own dressing room', 'Wrestlers A and B must get married because somebody won a ladder match'. It's fascinating how the biz regularly bends its own (admittedly sketchy) rules to sell the latest character/storyline/pay-per-view match.

Brace yourselves for a journey through some of the most outlandish things WWE, WCW and beyond expected you to believe. Nobody did, but that didn't stop them trying...

10. Wrestlers Can’t See Cameras (Sometimes)

Kane Lita

Alexa Bliss was really p*ssed off with a WWE staffer on the 14 January 2019 episode of Raw. 'Little Miss Bliss' fumed as a gopher dropped off some coffee in a sparkly cup, but walked in on her whilst she was getting dressed. There was just one problem with the segment.

She didn't tell the cameras to get out too.

This is a silly quirk that pro wrestling ignores all too often. Heels scheme their latest evil plot without hiding away from cameras (or the microphones on them), secret lovers embrace in front of an entire production crew, and... Alexa happily stands there borderline topless as some camera operator shoots the whole scene.

Sure, this is a general gripe with the industry more than an isolated incident, but it's still valid and acts a neat kickoff point for the article. If Bliss was angry at the lackey, then she should've been mad at WWE-sanctioned cameramen and women too.


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