10 Most Ridiculous Variations Of WWE Matches

What's better than a cage match? A cage match surrounded by horny dogs, of course.


Innovation is essential to progress. Especially in professional wrestling.

Without innovation, we would still be stuck with four hour-long grapple-fests that, while resembling actual Greco-Roman wrestling, would bore the audience to tears (if there even was an audience anymore). It was because of innovation that the Hardyz and Edge & Christian moved from just tag team matches to tag team ladder matches to triangle ladder matches (now with the Dudley Boyz) to the iconic TLC matches, which, to this day, have yet to be matched in quality.

Furthermore, it was because of innovation that those three-team ladder matches moved on from being focused on midcard teams and midcard belts to drastically altering the main event scene, with Money in the Bank becoming an annual staple.

However, some innovations are just misguided. A few add a rule to a match that renders said match illogical. Sometimes, the rules themselves are outright confusing. And others, the match is altered in a way where you’re embarrassed as a fan to be watching it.

Frankly, there's a whole slew of match types which should have never left the creative meetings.


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