10 Most Shocking Revelations From WWE In 2019

"Morally subterranean."

CM Punk

It's been a weird year for WWE. With the new TV deals, social channels, and overseas investment, they've never had a larger global platform to operate on and, after years of chasing mainstream credibility, they're finally finding themselves rubbing shoulders (and column inches) with the more "traditional" sports.

Yet that increased focus has brought with it a deeper level of scrutiny. The mainstream media has moved them away from the novelty sections into the business pages and, under a microscope, there's a lot of questions they're finally starting to ask. How can a company this large, whose showcase event commands a bigger audience than the SuperBowl, who broadcasts in over 200 countries several times every single week, be so bizarrely run?

From a roster being exposed for problematic actions (both past and present), to the finer points of their most important contracts being aired like dirty laundry, it's been an eye-opening 12 months for fans of the product. As ever, the shades of grey are a narrative unto themselves and there's always another side to the story where Vince is involved but, still, bloody hell...

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